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The Nanny Agency of the Future

Capric Care is a nationwide recruitment agency that matches high profile families with highly qualified and skilled nannies.


Personalized & Advanced Matches

Capric Care is unlike no other, we use data analytics, advanced reporting and family compatibility tools to make your experience the best in the industry. By utilizing analytics, matches between your family and nannies are more likely to be successful in the long term. We strive to provide our high profile clients the most professional and experienced nannies in the nation.

Qualified Nannies

Say goodbye to spending hours on babysitter websites trying to find a qualified candidate. Capric Care sends you only the most qualified nannies in your area.

Family Compatibility

Most families and nannies are happiest when they share similarities in expectations, personality and interests. We run compatibility assessments before matching you with a nanny.



While other agencies only provide you nanny resumes, we provide weekly reports comparing and ranking all your eligible candidates based on qualities and skills you are seeking.

Latest Technology 

Capric Care uses big data. analytics and advanced reporting to quickly curate a list of professional care providers that meet all of your needs.

Typing on a Computer

Less than 9% of nannies make it through our highly selective screening process