• Jovana Capric

Helping Your Child Manage Anxiety

Here is a short video to help busy nannies and parents who have children with anxiety.

Like many things, anxiety is a spectrum. Some children may experience normal levels of anxiety like being nervous before taking a test, while other children suffer from severe anxiety.

Where does anxiety come from? Well, from my personal experiences with children I've noticed that many of them come from what a child would consider a traumatic experience. That trauma may look different for each child. The example I use in the video is about a child who is afraid to be in an elevator. That child may have gotten stuck on an elevator or the elevator may have been part of a larger traumatic experience like evacuating from a dangerous situation.

Anxiety doesn't disappear overnight. It takes lots of time and consistency. Here are my 4 steps to help a child manage their anxiety.

1. Acknowledge their emotions

2. Offer helpful choices

3. Reintroduce the stressor by taking small steps (Creating the habituation curve)

4. Model positive behaviors at home and show your child how you manage anxiety. They will end up following your lead.

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